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Vexon Auto OÜ is a company based on Estonian capital, which deals with the body works and painting of motor vehicles. Our field of activity includes the painting of motorcycles, passenger cars, vans, boats and trucks. The company also offers a polishing service of cars. The company employs people understanding and knowing their job at a high level. The aim of the company is to always offer to the client best quality, and therefore sustained self-training and participation in training courses have priority. Our painter has attended various training courses in Finland, Italy, Sweden and Estonia.

Since 2008 the list of jobs by the company includes renewing old American cars, which has become the main field of activity of the company for the time being. Our clients are chiefly Swedish and Finnish collectors and admirers of old cars. We can offer to the client a full service, starting from body works, finishing with engine repairs and saddlery works. We still offer also body works of modern cars, and cooperate with insurance companies. In Sweden our partner is US Automotive AB, which deals with the representation of Vexon Auto in the country.

A quality job requires quality materials; therefore we only use quality and eminent trademarks, which allow us to grant our job the longest warranty possible, which is exactly what is offered to us by Sherwin Williams products. The aim of Vexon Auto is the satisfaction of the client and a good service in every aspect.


Vexon Auto OÜ has all the tools and possibilities necessary for quality and quick body and painting works. The cars get painted in the Real Clean Booth painting chamber. We own a Sherwin Williams painting lab. We can use a colour lab. In 2011 we will be starting the building of a new workshop, in order to offer to the client even friendlier and higher quality service.